Extended beta test with Pro Retina Deutschland e.V.

Routago has expanded the group of its beta testers and is testing the latest features of Routago Assist together with the regional group “Junges Forum Karlsruhe” of the association Pro Retina Deutschland e.V.

User feedback from daily use of the application is an important touchstone for getting the app ready for launch.

What is Routago and what does the product Routago Assist offer?

Common navigation solutions treat pedestrians like slow cars: in the middle of the road, or across intersections. Walkways, pedestrian areas, parks, etc. are not considered. This may be annoying for people with normal sight, but for blind people it is simply life-threatening.

Routago is the solution to this problem: a mobility platform that maps various aspects of pedestrian mobility. Routago Assist is the first application based on this technology that offers real pedestrian navigation and which is optimized for blind and visually impaired people.

The most important component is pedestrian navigation. Routago knows about sidewalks, sidewalks, intersections, pedestrian crossings, parks, pedestrian areas, underpasses, etc. for navigation worldwide. In addition, the results are constantly being improved by machine learning.

This is supplemented by route recording, environment information, object and obstacle detection in real time and the user-friendly preparation of information in the form of speech, sonification, vibration, etc.

Investment-Campaign started

Crowd-Investment and Business Angel Co-Investment

In order to finance the further growth of the company, we rely on crowdinvesting and Business Angel co-investment as one part of our financial concept. At FunderNation we offer an investment opportunity in the future mobility of humans.

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State of the Map Conference 2019

“Routing for humans” by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ritterbusch

Sebastian, Head of Research and Development at Routago, spoke at the State-of-the-Map conference from OpenStreetMap about the complex challenges that need to be solved for a true human mobility solution.

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Success Story

AZO space-of-innovation.com presents Routago

Routago, the Galileo Masters winning solution of the 2018 Baden-Wuerttemberg Challenge, addresses these needs by providing the first globally available navigation system optimised for blind and visually impaired people, wheelchair users and pedestrians in general.

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More information about Galileo Masters can be found on https://www.galileo-masters.eu/

Routago® – our new name

We are excited to announce the official name for our product: Routago

After working on the project “SafeRoute” for around three years now, we are very proud to disclose finally the name for our product.

Highest award for Routago

Routago wins the Galileo Masters Baden-Wuerttemberg 2018

Routago -using it’s preliminary project name SafeRoute- was awarded the first prize in the important space navigation competition. The award was presented on the eve of the annual conference of the GeoNet.MRN in the planetarium in Mannheim. The first prize entitles SafeRoute to participate in the European challenge early December in Marseille.

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Galileo Masters 2018

Routago in the finals of the Galileo Masters (ESNC)

Routago -using it’s preliminary project name SafeRoute- represented Baden-Württemberg in the final challenge of the  Galileo Masters (European Satellite Navigation Competition) 2018 on December 3rd – 6th in Marseille.

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ichhp 2018

Digital Navigation for People with Visual Impairments – Robust and Incremental Pedestrian Path Network Generation for Safe Route Finding

Routago -using it’s preliminary project name SafeRoute- participates July 11-13th at icchp 2018 (International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs) in Linz, Austria.

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Research and Innovation

Routago technology research was partially funded by the German government within the research project “TERRAIN“.