Routago Assist – digital assistance for the blind and visually impaired


Would you like to walk here?

  • In the middle of the street?

  • Across a multi-lane road?

  • Without traffic lights?

  • Between the cars?

And now assume you are blind or mobility impaired…

Walk the safe route: Routago®!

Safe crosswalks

Routago uses traffic lights for pedestrians or zebra-crossings instead of accident-prone free street crossing.

Sidewalks along the roads

Routago considers road side aware sidewalks instead of a routing in the middle of the the street.

Suitable routes for humans

Routago guides on specific paths for pedestrians, under- and overpasses and through pedestrian zones instead of among the cars on the road.

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What is special about pedestrian routing?

Pedestrian navigation has much stronger requirements on suitability, precision and accuracy than current navigation solutions can provide.

This is even more true for vulnerable person groups with visually impairment, physical handicap or which are less traffic-safe in general.

And that means in practice:

Move bar <->Routago

Use pedestrian specific footpaths

Cross streets using safe pedestrian crossings

Utilize road side aware sidewalks

Walk truly from door to door and not from and to the nearest road curb

The Routago® Solution

  • Routago finds secure pedestrian routes in city-centers and in the country-side

  • Routago is the only available solution with worldwide coverage

  • Routago introduces an innovative road-side aware routing technology

  • Routago completes the worldwide already available geo data through algorithmic extension with pedestrian-specific information

  • Routago provides accurate guidance and precise navigation instructions for pedestrians

  • Routago delivers speech and vibration instructions on smartphones and smartwatches

Test it yourself!
With current data of DE-AT-CH loaded.

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